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Internet sites privacy policy

Roy Grubb is the owner of the web site

I do not collect personal data at these two web sites in the form of data submitted by the data subject. Nor do I track where visitors move in the web site using cookies, IP addresses, clicktrails or any other identifier that might eventually be linked to an individual.

I do use cookies and Google Analytics for the purpose of judging the interest shown by visitors to these pages, but no information that could be related to an individual is collected.

If you click on a link to another domain on any of my web pages (i.e. a link to any URL or web address that does not begin you should look for that web site"s privacy policy before supplying any personal data. This privacy policy does not apply to any such linked web site.

General privacy policy

Roy Grubb collects personal data from his business contacts in the normal course of conducting business, in the form of business cards collected or other details provided by the individuals concerned, data relating to business transacted and notes of interest shown by individuals in Grubb's products and services.

It collects such personal data on employees as are needed to manage the employer/employee relationship and comply with relevant Hong Kong Ordinances.

It retains the data for as long as is needed for these purposes and then destroys the data.

Any personal data that may be required by myr auditors and corporate secretaries in performing their professional duties may be transferred to them. Their use of the data is constrained by their duties as auditors and company secretaries. Personal data collected by Grubb are not transferred to any other person other than to meet the requirements of relevant Hong Kong Ordinances (including as provided for in Section VIII, Exemptions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance).

Before changing the use of any personal data that I hold, I will contact all individuals who might be affected by such a change to seek their permission and will only use an individual"s personal data for the new purpose subject to each individual"s agreement.

Any change of privacy policy will be posted on this web site. Such changes will not include changes to use of data already collected, except as just described.

Data subjects or a relevant persons have the right to request access to and correction of personal data. Such requests may be made by e-mail to consultants(at), (this address may not be used for the purpose of direct marketing, please replace (at) with at sign.